Clifty Falls Campout – September 13 – 15, 2013

It may have been Friday the 13th when we left for Clifty Falls, but we couldn’t of asked for a more perfect weekend. There was no rain, daytime temperatures were in the low 70s and it was cool in the evenings.

CliftyFalls1_low_rez    On this campout Troop 112 we traveled two hours south and east to Clifty Falls State Park, near picturesque Madison, Indiana.  The purpose of the campout was to go creek walking.

When we got there, everyone got their stuff set up and each Patrol got to try out their new awnings, tables and cooking gear storage systems. Instead of using chuck boxes all crowded under the “Silver Bullet,” each Patrol now has its own cooking area.

CliftyFalls5_low_rezIn the morning everyone got their stuff prepared for the creek walk and grabbed some food to go, and off the Troop went. There were initially two groups: one that would go through the creek for most of the hike and a second group, which would try to avoid the creek and not get wet.

Upon arriving at the creek, both groups quickly realized that it was relatively dry and decided to go as one. However, the Scouts found lots of wet spots to walk through if they wanted.

CliftyFalls3_low_rezOnce we reached the spot where Clifty Falls was just a half a mile away, the group split into two again. One group headed back to camp on a trail that passed above Clifty Falls and went past Tunnel Falls. The other group continued the last half a mile to the bottom of Clifty Falls through very rugged terrain.

Unfortunately, when the second group arrived at Clifty Falls, they couldn’t see it because the water flow was low, there were signs posted saying not to go past a turn in the creek, and the nearby wooden observational deck was rotted out and needed to be repaired. However they could still hear the waterfall. After a short rest, the second group hiked out of the creek and back to camp.

CliftyFalls2_low_rezAfter dinner and a Dutch oven desert competition, the Scout packed up all the Troop gear they could so the Troop could leave for home on time the next morning. At 3 a.m. in the morning, warning sirens at the nearby coal-fueled power plant went off for 15 minutes. Unbelievably, half the camp slept through it.

After packing up tents and personal gear, and holding a Scout’s Own worship service, the Troop left to return to their families. Clifty Falls is one of the prettiest Indiana State Parks and we can’t wait to visit again.


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