Family Campout – August 23 – 25, 2013

FamilyCampout1_low_rezFor our August campout, the Troop went to Camp Belzer in Indianapolis, located near the Scout Center and Fort Benjamin Harris State Park. When the Scouts arrived on Friday evening, a few set up their hammocks to sleep in (as always). After camp was set up, we enjoyed an evening of pizza, movies and video games in the dining hall. This was a rare treat because we often have to cook our own food and electronics are usually not allowed on campouts.

FamilyCampout4_low_rezAfter a hearty breakfast on Saturday morning, there was leadership training for the Scouts – the Scouts with leadership positions. Later that day the Scout’s families began arriving and many of the Scouts helped them set up tents. Then everyone went swimming in Camp Belzer’s pool.

FamilyCampout2_low_rezAt night everyone was ready to chow down and eat the potluck dishes the Scout’s families brought for dinner and the Dutch-oven desserts. Once again, former Scoutmaster Chris Betelak walked away with the coveted “Golden Spoon” award for the best Dutch-oven dessert.

While we were eating dessert, the Troop held its Summer Court of Honor. Two Hundred Nineteen merit badges were awarded, 21 Scouts advanced in rank, and 31 Scouts receivedFamilyCampout3_low_rez Firecrafter awards. Jeffry Utter was recognized for earning his Eagle badge and Logan Sawyers was awarded his second bronze Eagle Palm.

Later that night, the Scouts worked together to build a raging campfire and shared stories around it. Overall, everyone seemed to have a great time and we enjoyed having our families join on one of our camping adventures.


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