Sea Base High Adventure

Troop 112 kicked-off their 2016 summer vacation with a bang in June. IMG_6357Shortly after school ended for the year, we had three, eight person crews, enjoy a Coral Reef Adventure at BSA Sea Base.  Each crew spent nearly a week living on a 40+ foot sailboat.  The scouts were able to sail as well as snorkel and fish depending on what each individual crew wanted to do the most.  The waters near the Florida Sea Base are beautiful and teaming with lots of sea creatures!


As the sun sets, our scouts enjoy an evening at sea.







Not without adventure, the following evening features another picture perfect sunset on one side of the boat with a torrential rainstorm rolling in on the other side of the boat… a great opportunity to head below deck and play some cards!




With a scout at the helm, the captain helps the other scouts hoist the sails.  There is nothing like cutting through the water just powered by the wind!





Captain Brennan helps release a shark that one of our scouts happen to catch.







IMG_6460Some crews even took some time to see some alligators on the fringes of the Florida everglades before heading home.

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  1. Kolodkin says:

    Personal Management and Communications MB

    Hi Troop 112,

    You can be proud of our 16 scouts who participated last month in our Eagle required MBs Personal Management and Communications. Also want to thank Matt Hill, Tim Forrest and our Carmel Fire Department.

    Let your boys know I am cheering them on and available to help our boys achieve their scouting goals.

    Yours in Scouting,

    Mike Kolodkin
    T112 ASM and MB Counselor

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