June Climbing Outing

Climbing 1

We had a long car drive down to our camp ground the Land of the Arches but it was worth it. Unlike most campouts this was 3 nights instead of 2. We were surrounded by beautiful scenery. On Thursday night it started raining so we went to the shelter. There were several wheel chairs in the building and as soon as some of the scouts saw them they ran over to them and started fooling around on them and playing “wheel chair Demolition Derby”. The game got a bit out of hand so the leaClimbing 2ders had to ban the wheelchairs. As soon as the rain had ended we set up our tents. It rained while we slept but the new tents did not leak so we slept comfortably. The next day after we ate breakfast we went to Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure. We climbed Via Ferrata style (a French style of climbing with metal rungs). Some of the cliffs were 70 feet above the ground. There were six levels. The first 2 courses were very easy, course 3 was intermediate. Course 4 and 5 were harder and 6 was expert. Quite a few scouts climbed all six courses. It started raining so we had to go inside. Thankfully lunch arrived as well, in the form of sandwiches from Subway. When we got back to the camp site after climbing we relaxed for a while. Later after we ate dinner it started raining and we went inside the shelter again. The next day we ate breakfast and got ready for our hike. The hike would be through Red River Gorge and was 5 miles long. While we were hiking we got to see some beautiful scenery. Later into the hike we were hiking on a high ridge and we could see for miles. The views were unforgettable. After the great hike we had freeze dried meals we could choose between chicken and rice, spaghetti with meat sauce, and chili mac. We also had freeze dried ice cream; the flavors were ice cream sandwich and Neapolitan. The food was actually pretty good. The next day we packed up our stuff and took down our tents. We ate a good breakfast at Denny’s while on the road. We had a great time while in Kentucky.

Climbing 3


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