2nd Class Outing

DSCN1591 The 2nd Class Outing is all about rank advancement we had 9 scout receive they rank they wanted to this outing! Friday night when he got to camp everything went smoothly. The Silver Bullet, DSCN1586Lanterns, and Scout gear was unpacked and set up quickly after we arrived. But someone had brought a can of liquid fart and started spraying it on almost everyone. But this was soon ended as one of the adult leaders took the “joke” away. The next morning the boys woke to the music played by Jack T. (Ravens). Most of the boys it was a slow start but one the boys where awake it was time for the annual 5 mile “2nd Class Outing Hike” This Hike took the boys past Tunnel Falls, one of the couple falls at Clifty Falls State Park. Afterwords the scouts when around in a “learning stations” to help them achieve there 2nd Class Rank.


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