Tenderfoot Outing

Overall the Tenderfoot Outing was lots of fun, learning, and shooting. The older boys went down to camp on Friday while the new scouts came down Saturday. When the older scouts got to camp it was dark, and may thing needed to be done. First, They needed to get the silver bullet set up, then personal gear like tents and hammocks. Finally, they could munch away on their cracker barrel. The next morning they set up their patrol’s Canopy and table, and then they got prepared for the new scouts to arrive. Once they were all set up, the older scouts went down to the shooting range for some fun with 12 gauge shotguns and 22 caliber target practice. When the new scouts did arrive around 10:30am, most of the boys where shooting down at the range. The Troop guides and senior leaders came up and helped the new scout set up their tents, learn scout skills like how to camp, how to use pocket knifes, and how to use a would saw and ax, and how to make and eat lunches. Later that day, there was lots of things happening. More learning about first aid, knots, and flag ceremonies as well as guns shooting for all of the new scouts. At dinner time, all of the new scouts learned to cook their own food on camp stoves, most of them even cooked their own dessert. The troop did have some added excitement after dessert. There was a lake near the campsite, just downhill and around the bend. But at this time of year the dirt around the lake was like a quick-mud. One of the scouts got stuck in the quick-mud, but don’t worry he is fine now. Liam Gentile, the SPL, and his two ASPL’s Luke Gentile and Keon Gorge, went down to rescue the young scout. They used branches to cover the mud so they would not sink and built a bridge to the young scout. Once there, they were able to dig him out. Everything ended just fine. Over all this camp-out was a blast (ha ha get it?) for both the new and older scouts.

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