2014 Winter Camporee

PiratesThe 2014 Winter Camporee “Pirates verses Ninjas”was held January 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. Fifteen brave Troop 112 scouts attended this outing even though temperatures were projected to be at or below zero degrees. The troop arrived Friday night with several inches of snow on the ground. Lead by ASPL Keon Gorge, we set up the silver bullet and all of the tents. At 10pm, the temperature had dropped to 15 degrees. Many of the scouts opted to skip the cracker barrel and go straight to bed. Mr. Simmons allowed the troop to sleep until 7am. Over the night the winds howled with 40mph wind gusts. IMG_0068 copyEveryone made it through the night and awoke to a fresh layer of snow. Each patrol grubmaster started on cooking their breakfast. The small propane bottles were so cold, the stoves would not get hot. The owl patrols new stove hooked to a 30 pound lp bottle still worked. IMG_0068 copyMr Purcell and Mr. Fortin was able to knock out the pancakes, eggs, bacon, and other morning foods in a hurry. After breakfast, the patrols went off to compete. We had three teams. The Arrows who was lead by Troop 112 guide Simon DeCapua, the Pedro’s lead by Alex Simmons, and The dream team lead by Keon Gorge. This years winter camporee was very enjoyed by all. Troop 199 did a outstanding job of organizing and running this outing. All of the scouts had a great time competing in races, fire building, balancing competitions, memory games, and runningIMG_0073 copy in the Klondike Derby sled race. Former Troop 101 Scoutmaster Rick Tardy was interviewd by channel 8. He discussed the cold temperatures, strong will of the scouts and some of the camporee fun. Here is a link for the interview.
The weather was projected to get worse through the evening. Camp K only has one entrance and the road leading to it was drifting shut. The county called a level 3 snow emergancy, so the camporee ended early. Everyone went home Saturday afternoon. Unfortunatly, we were not able to see who one. All three of Troop 112 patrols claimed

Morning at Camp

Morning at Camp

to be the top patrol. They each can hold that feeling until we compete again in the Spring Camporee in April.


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