Ski Outing 1/10/14 – 1/12/14


The Ski Outing was a Blast, We had all sorts of fun But there were some problems and a Accident, that was that Dr.Ma broke his leg running into another skier, he was rushed to the hospital please keep him in your prayers. But a main problem was  BitterSweet Ski Resort didn’t open at our planed time of 8:00 but at 2:00 that afternoon. So Mr.Simmons and other adults had to scramble our old Schedule into a new one. So the new Schedule was, Go swimming, Old Country Buffet for Lunch and then skiing for 8 hours until 10:00


“Sadly the Forrest’s left their lights on in the parking lot resulting in a dead battery.  While this came as a surprise imagine an even bigger surprise of finding a little black kitten lying on their engine when they opened the hood of their car to charge their battery.  They believe that it may have jumped in there at the hotel to keep warm.”

~Mr.Betelak Via Email


A adventure Mrs.Ellis had when her car’s wheels got stuck in the snow. She had to wait a day till the maintenance crew came with the pull cables. Then Mr.Castle Pulled her car out.


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