Caving Outing – November 15 – 17, 2013

caving_before_low_rezIn November, the Troop went to Bedford Indiana to go caving in a non-commercial cave. When we got there on Friday night, we set up camp in the dark using our head lanterns and then had a cracker barrel before bed.

When everyone woke up the next morning, they ate breakfast and packed food for the cave. The Pedro Patrol had quite the lunch, consisting of beef jerky, smoked sausage links, beef sticks, Oreo® cookies, and trail mix. The other Patrols packed similar food that packed light, had lots of protein and wouldn’t easily spoil.

Once we got to the cave our experienced guides split us off into two groups: an advanced group and a beginner group. The advanced group went in first because they would be doing lots of climbing, crawling, and getting muddy. The beginner group would be getting more wet than muddy. All told, the beginner group’s journey lasted about three hours while the advanced group’s trek lasted about five.

caving_after_low_rezEveryone changed out of their wet and muddy clothes into dry ones and returned to camp to prepare dinner (some even slept through dinner). During the night there was a huge storm and some people set up their hammocks under the pavilion so they wouldn’t get wet when they slept. On Sunday morning when everybody got up many were surprised to see that their tents had flooded despite their best efforts to get everything nice and tight prior to the storm.

When the Troop left for home, the trailer got stuck in the mud. So the group escorting the trailer had to call a tow truck while everyone else returned to the Lion’s Club. To our surprise a pink tow truck – yes it was really pink – came to our rescue. Eventually the truck and the trailer were freed from the mud and everybody’s gear was safely returned to Carmel.PinkTow

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  1. troop112 says:

    Thank you for a great job as the troop historian. I very much enjoyed reading about each of the outings and seeing some pictures from the events.

    Mr. Betelak

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