Fall Camporee – October 18 – 20, 2013

IMG_1462_low_rezOn this special campout the Troop set out once again for Camp Belzer in hopes of taking home the Troop trophy for this Minecraft-themed Camporee. While we didn’t come home with the top prize, two patrols did earn top awards in two categories.

When the Scouts woke up on Saturday morning, it was quite a surprise because it was raining. But they were prepared. They suited up for the rain and got going on their challenges.

IMG_1484_low_rezOne of the challenges for the patrols was Diamond Run where the Scouts had to run through a rainy, muddy, and quite wet obstacle course. They had to avoid Creepers while using their teamwork skills.

Another challenge was Game Station, where the Scouts played Minecraft and Scouting Jeopardy. They also drew pictures, and played Minecraft Xbox edition.

For another challenge called Pig Hunt the Scouts used their knowledge of knots and lashings to build a trip wire system to capture a pig. When a pig pulls the trip wire, a container falls on top of it.

IMG_1482_low_rezFortunately, the rain stopped after lunch and things dried out during the afternoon challenges. With all of the Minecraft-themed activities, most Scouts were exhausted by the end of the day.

Even though this campout fell over Fall Break and was very wet and cold, it was still a success. The boys loved being able to combine one of their favorite video games with Scouting.


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